Children's Dental Appointment: 4 Types Of Keychains To Help Relax During A Cleaning

7 June 2016
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For many children, the unfamiliar atmosphere of a dental office can bring fear and concern as they see new tools and hear a variety of sounds associated with the environment. As a parent, it's a good idea to find ways to help a child relax and focus on something else other than the task at hand. By preparing them for the situation, the appointment can go smoothly and result in a positive experience with the dentist. One way of helping your child relax is by giving them something to do with their hands. Keychains are small enough for a child to hold during an appointment and will not get in the way of a cleaning. There are four different types of keychains you can give a child to use during the appointment. Each one caters to different interests and uses and can be used while having various dental procedures completed.

Stress Relief Keychains

One of the more popular keychain designs to choose from is a stress relief key chain. These keychains are produced in a soft material that is easy to squeeze and provides your child with a variety of textures and comfort in the palm of their hands. Before the appointment, you can shop with your child to select an ideal key chain to bring with them. There are many different designs, with one of the most common being animals. Farm animals, zoo animals, or extinct animals like dinosaurs can all be purchased as stress relief keychains. You can also stick with the theme of the dentist and search for a tooth-shaped keychain. When attending an appointment like a cleaning, the keychain can provide a distraction from the loud sounds or strange feelings in a child's mouth.

Electronic Game Keychains

Give your child something to focus on as their mouth is being cleaned and examined. A small game will allow your child to zone out the unfamiliar sounds and help quell any fears they may have. There are a number of electronic game keychains to choose from. For example, Nintendo released a line of these keychain games featuring Super Mario. The various keychains feature different levels of Super Mario where players navigate the character through levels and attempt to rescue the princess. Other small keychain games include superhero-based games or classic video games like Pac-Man. With limited controls, the games are easy to play and operate while in a dental chair. These keychains are ideal for longer appointments like fillings or deep cleanings. It can help your child sit still in the chair longer and have something to focus on while the dentist performs the tasks that are needed.

Digital Pet Keychains

Along with games, your child can stay busy and focused with a digital pet keychains. These keychains were initially popular in the 1990's, but they are still produced today and come in a variety of designs. With the small toy, a child can take care of a digital pet. Through on-screen actions, the pet can be fed, trained, and interacted with. The pet itself can even become a topic of discussion with the dentist or hygienist. It's a great way to ease into talks about dental care and proper hygiene in the mouth. This will help your child relax and focus on something other than the dental process. You can choose to purchase a new digital pet or find a vintage digital pet that you grew up with and want to share with your child.

Puzzle Keychains

Instead of something electronic, you also have the option of keeping it simple at the dentist office. Puzzle keychains are great ways for children to focus with their hands and can supply an extended challenge as they go through the appointment. One of the more popular puzzle keychains to choose from is a miniature version of the Rubik's Cube. The small cube can be turned and twisted as a child sits in the dental chair and gets their mouth cleaned. Metal puzzle keychains feature twisted pieces of metal that must be released from each other to solve the puzzle. These are simple designs that can give your child a challenge that can last for a majority of the dental appointment.

Shopping for keychains with your child will help them decide on a design that they will enjoy and can use throughout the dental appointment. Be sure to introduce the keychain to the dentist before the appointment so that the dentist is aware of it's presence and understands that your child will be using it. For more information on how to make your child comfortable at the dentist, talk to a dental office like Image Dentistry.