Want Whiter Teeth? 3 Things To Know About Teeth Whitening

8 January 2019
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Your smile is something that plays a large role in your appearance. It's one of the first things that many people notice when they look at your face. For this reason, having a bright and well-cared-for smile can have a positive impact on your looks. However, teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons. Certain foods and drinks can stain the teeth; smoking and poor oral hygiene can also dull your smile. Read More 

Tips For Dealing With Sensitive Teeth

3 December 2018
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While most people can enjoy food or beverages without any issue, some people have very sensitive teeth, which can make consuming hot or cold food and beverages incredibly uncomfortable or even painful. Living with sensitive teeth can be difficult, but there are things that can be done to help lessen the sensitivity and prevent it from getting worse. If you suffer from very sensitive teeth, being diligent and taking the proper steps can go a long way toward improving the condition. Read More 

Myths About Root Canal Procedures

9 November 2018
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If your dentist determines that your diseased or damaged tooth needs a root canal procedure, you may be referred to an endodontist. He or she is a dentist whose specialty is saving or preserving teeth. You may be hesitant to undergo a root canal procedure because of unsubstantiated myths that have been circulating for years. Here are some myths about root canal procedures that you should discuss with your dentist to ease your mind and so that your teeth can get the treatment they need. Read More 

The Problem With Fruit Juice For Kids

11 October 2018
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Fruit juice might seem like a healthy choice for your child, but oftentimes, it's actually more of a problem than you might think. If you regularly buy fruit juice for your child to drink, here's how it could actually be harming their oral health and what you can do to combat these effects. Sugar Sugar is one of the leading problems with fruit juice. Most juices contain added sugar to help the product to taste better. Read More 

3 Myths Your Dentist Wants You To Stop Believing

19 September 2018
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Your oral health is important for many reasons. Not only does a healthy, appealing smile improve your appearance and self-esteem, but it also ensures you can eat, chew, and speak properly. In addition, good oral health reduces your risk of dangerous infections, such as decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, you may not properly understand a few aspects regarding your oral health and dental care. Here are a few myths your dentist wants you to stop believing. Read More