2 Natural Homemade Whiteners Safe For Use One Your Dental Implants

18 March 2015
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After you have had your dental implants from places like Pittsburgh Dental Spa for a while, they may have become stained just like real teeth do. If you want to return them to their new-like gleam but do not want to use harsh abrasive, use one of the following two homemade treatment that are safe to use.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Strawberries

Both apple cider vinegar and strawberries contain malic acid, a component that has been shown to effectively whiten tooth enamel. It is also considered safe to use on dental implants. This home remedy uses a puree made from the two ingredients and is safe enough to use every day.

Although the pulp from strawberries will not harm your implants, you do need to make sure you remove all of the seeds. This is especially important if your teeth are constructed from porcelain. The seeds are highly abrasive and could scratch the surface, causing it to break down.

What You Will Need

Before you begin this treatment, gather the list of ingredients and supplies below.

  • One small bowl
  • Fork or spoon
  • One medium-sized strawberry
  • One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • Toothpaste
  • One soft bristle toothbrush
  • One quarter cup of warm water


Now that you have what you need, follow these directions for making and using the treatment.

  1. Use the fork or spoon to mash up the strawberry, being careful to remove the seeds.
  2. Slowly mix in the apple cider vinegar.
  3. Brush your teeth as you normally do.
  4. Wet your toothbrush and apply the puree to the bristles.
  5. Gently brush your teeth with the puree for two minutes. Reapply the paste as needed to apply a thin layer.
  6. Let the puree stay on your teeth for five minutes.
  7. Wet your toothbrush and gently brush one more time for one minute.
  8. Rinse your mouth with the warm water.
  9. Do not eat or drink for a half an hour to give any residual puree time to further penetrate the surface.

Lemon And Orange Peel Treatment

The citric acid found in lemons and oranges also have a bleaching effect, much like the malic acid in the treatment above. However, this acid is somewhat harsher than the other. Using only the peels minimizes the effect, although you should only use this treatment once a week to prevent surface breakdown.

What You Will Need

Before you make and use this treatment, gather together the following ingredients and supplies.

  • Small bowl
  • Handheld fine grater
  • One small lemon
  • One small orange
  • One teaspoon of warm water
  • Soft bristle toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • One-quarter of a cup of warm water


Once you have gathered your supplies, follow the directions below for making and applying the treatment.

  1. Using the handheld grater, grind off a teaspoon of the orange peel and a half teaspoon of the lemon peel.
  2. Mix the peel shavings in the small bowl. 
  3. Add the teaspoon of water to the peels and mix well. If the mixture appears too dry or breaks apart, add a quarter of a teaspoon at a time until they clump together.
  4. Allow the mixture to sit for an hour to pull out the citric acid.
  5. Using your finger, apply the treatment to the surface of your teeth and implants.
  6. Let the treatment sit for five minutes.
  7. Wet your toothbrush and gently brush your teeth for one minute.
  8. Rinse your mouth with the quarter of a cup of water.
  9. Brush your teeth as usual.

Using one of these homemade whiteners should get your implants whiter within a month. However, if you do not see any or enough improvement, you may want to ask your dentist about whiteners that are safe to use on your dental implants.