5 Ideas for a Dramatic Makeover

12 January 2016
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Feeling insecure about aspects of your appearance can negatively affect your confidence and the way you present yourself to the world. Sometimes a simple haircut and some new clothes don't feel like enough of a change. If you are interested in a more dramatic and extreme makeover that will leave you feeling like a new and improved version of yourself, consider these five ideas:

1. Invisible Braces

Crooked, uneven teeth can make you self-conscious and mar your appearance. Thankfully, with the advent of invisible braces adults can now have their teeth straightened without resorting to unsightly metal braces. Your invisible braces may be made of tooth-colored ceramic brackets for a more natural look or a see-through plastic alignment device that is molded to your teeth.

The type of invisible braces you need will depend on the severity of your situation as well as your lifestyle and budget, so it's best to begin with a consultation with your cosmetic dentist. With invisible braces, you may have a straight, even smile you are proud of within a few months or so.

2. Professional Teeth Whitening

Another great cosmetic dentistry option that can transform your appearance for the better is professional teeth whitening. Having your teeth professionally whitened in the dentist office creates more dramatic, faster, and longer-lasting whitening than whitening your teeth at home. Many cosmetic dentists now use lasers to accelerate the tooth whitening process. If you'd prefer to whiten your teeth at home, your cosmetic dentist may be able to custom-blend a whitening solution that you use along with a custom-fitted mouth tray at night. 

For teeth whitening or braces, contact a dentist like Samuel D Knight, DDS.

3. A Series of Photo Facials

Facials can help give you more glowing and healthy-looking skin. If you really want to up the ante, sign up for a series of photo facials with a trusted aesthetician. Photo facials involve highly concentrated pulses of light applied to your skin. Photo facials can help undo sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring. The results are more even, glowing, younger-looking skin with minimal side effects. Sometimes photo facials do temporarily lead to reddened, sensitive skin, but this should only last a short time.

4. Hair Extensions

If your hair isn't as full, lush, or long as you would like, why not try hair extensions? Hair extensions come in a variety of styles and at various price points, depending on how long you would like them to last, how natural you need them to look, and your budget. Common hair extension methods include extensions that are braided or taped into your own hair or that adhere to your hair with the use of heat.

Be sure to go to a trained, experienced hair stylist who will know how best to work with your existing hair for a natural look. Hair extensions should look like your own hair, only more luxurious.

5. ATan

These days everyone knows that UV rays from the sun cause skin cancer and premature aging. At the same time, a lot of people look healthier, happier, and even thinner with a nice golden glow.

Instead of risking your health by lying out in the sun or hitting the tanning bed, try a sunless tanning lotion. Just be sure to exfoliate first in order to create an even, nonstreaky tan. Another great option is to try a spray tan. Spray tans can be custom blended for the most natural looking tan possible.

All of these ideas require an investment of time and money, but the results can be well worth it. Changing the things you dislike about your appearance can greatly boost your confidence and help you feel your best.