Communicating To The Dentist What You Want To Change In Your Smile

1 March 2017
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If you want a smile makeover, you should be able to explain to the dentist exactly what you want. This is because a smile makeover usually doesn't mean one treatment; it involves different treatments that all combine to give the overall effect you desire. Here are some of the issues you should be able to explain to the dentist, and why:

How White Do You Want the Teeth?

Teeth whitening comes in different shades; you can make it unnaturally white or choose a more natural shade. Your dentist will probably give you a shade guide from which to choose. Note that the final color may not be exactly like the one on the guide. In fact, even if two people choose the same shade, their results might be different. This is because your final teeth color will depend on different factors such as the starting color (your natural teeth color) as well as the extent or depth of your stains.

How Do You Want to Change the Teeth's Shape and Size?

Both the shape and size of your teeth also affect your smile. For example, many people don't like irregularly shaped teeth, extraordinarily big ones, and extraordinarily tiny ones. Here again, specify to the dentist the extent of the changes you want. For example, if you just want to reduce a tooth's size by a small margin, you can opt for dental contouring that removes a thin layer of the enamel. However, contouring may not work for a tooth with an extremely irregular shape; for that, you will need another cosmetic treatment such as bonding or the use of crowns.

Do You Want Anything Done On the Gums?

Lastly, you also need to confirm if you want something done on your gums. This is because the quality of a smile isn't just dependent on the actual teeth. Even the way your gums cover (or fail to cover) your teeth and how much gums are visible when you smile affect the quality your smile. A good treatment option for gum problems is gum contouring, which changes the shape of your gums (it can make an irregular gum even) or the amount of gum that shows when you smile.

Hopefully, you will walk away from your cosmetic dentist with your desired results. However, it's also advisable to manage your expectations because the result may not be "perfect" in the strict definition of the word. Your dentist will advise you on what to expect before commencing the treatment process. Visit a site like for more information on cosmetic dentistry procedures.