Preparing For The Successful First Dental Visit

15 March 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Having kids and making medical appointments is always a leery adventure. Dental appointments are often the ones that worry kids the most. However, for most children, it is the anxiety of the unknown and the parents' worry that creates a struggle with the first visit. Here are just a few tips to help your toddler have a pleasant visit.

Practice Proper Care

One of the best ways to have a good first visit is to teach your child proper care of their teeth from the get go. You want them learning how to brush their teeth from the beginning. From the time they are little, get them used to having their gums massaged and use some infant toothpaste that will make sure have a healthy environment for their teeth to grow in. With children, it is often beneficial to use a song or music to help them learn how long they should be brushing their teeth for. Finally, remember that you need to help them learn how to properly hold their toothbrush so they will be looking to you for advice.

When to Plan the Visit

The next big question you may be asking yourself is when that first visit needs to happen. When it comes to your infant's oral health, you will want to seek out a pediatric dentist. Most family dentists will see a child around their third birthday, but children should have their gums examined by the time their first tooth erupts or age one. The pediatric dentist will be the one who is able to check the development of your child's mouth and be able to determine if there is anything concerning in the development. However, this does not mean you should wait until teeth start falling out to bring them in if you did not start early. It is always wise to have the check-ups start young to help prevent any problems.

Attitude Is Everything

The best way to discourage a child about wanting to go to a dental appointment is to have a discouraging attitude about it. If you are relaxed about the appointment, the chances are greater for your child to be. You can also increase the pleasure of the visit by bringing things for the child to do while in the waiting room. Quiet bags full of toys and coloring books are a great way to distract your child when he/she is bored. You do want to be very careful about bringing snacks to consume right before having their check-up and cleaning.