The Truth Behind 2 TMJ Myths

13 April 2017
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When you experience dental related pain, it can be quite debilitating because it affects how you speak, drink, and eat. It's unfortunate, but since there can be many reasons behind dental related pain, people that suffer from it may not really understand what is going on. TMJ is one of these issues that people suffer from but don't quite understand what is happening that is causing pain. This causes treatment to be delayed and for the condition to get worse. Here is the truth behind two TMJ myths you should be aware of.

Myth 1: Bacteria Causes TMJ

There is a misconception that TMJ is caused by bacteria, and because of this, people wrongly assume that the condition will correct itself on its own when the infection goes away. This causes them to not seek help for the condition since they think nothing can really be done about it. It is very rare that TMJ is caused due to bacteria, and it's a disorder that will get worse over time.

TMJ still affects how the joints inside your mouth operate and causes pain, inflammation, and potential bone damage when you ignore treatment. While joints can develop problems due to many different reasons, patients often contribute to it with their own habits, such as nail biting that puts unnecessary strain on the muscles responsible for moving the joints.

Myth 2: Surgery Is The Only Way To Fix TMJ

Another misconception is that TMJ can only be fixed by getting surgery since it's a joint issue. This often delays the treatment for the condition, since people don't want to get an invasive surgery.

If you have TMJ diagnosed while it is early in development, the problem can be corrected using apparatuses like mouthguards when sleeping. It helps keep the jaw aligned perfectly, and puts less strain and stress on the jaw. Keep in mind that it could take many weeks for symptoms of TMJ to subside. Until then, you can receive pain medication to help deal with the worst symptoms of TMJ.

While TMJ is a common condition, these myths are responsible for people delaying treatment that will fix the problem early on. Now that you know the truth behind them, you'll be more likely to take action about TMJ, rather than to wait out the problem and see what happens. For more information on TMJ, be sure to ask a dentist at a clinic like Centre Family Dentistry for advice on treatments.