Harmful Dental Habits You Want To Avoid

26 April 2017
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There are a lot of habits that people have that put their teeth at risk of certain problems. Some of those habits may put their teeth at an increased risk of developing cavities, some habits put them at a higher risk of fractures and some may even increase a person's risk of developing gum disease. It's important for you to make sure you avoid any and all habits that put your mouth at risk in any way.

Cut back on the amount of lemons you consume

If you like to eat a lot of lemons, you may want to start thinking about cutting back on them. Lemons contain a lot of acid and they can eventually corrode the enamel off your teeth causing them to be discolored and at a higher risk for cavities and other issues like breakage.

Brush your teeth lightly

A lot of people tend to really apply pressure to their toothbrush when they brush their teeth. Not only does this fold the bristles of the toothbrush down so they don't even do their job as well, but it can also cause erosion of the teeth after years of this behavior. You only need to apply a light pressure.

Get treatment for teeth grinding

If you find out that you are grinding your teeth at night, or if you catch yourself clenching your jaw during the day then you should pay a visit to your dentist for help. The dentist can fit you for a guard that you can wear at night and help you figure out how to stop the clenching.

Don't open bottles or packages with your teeth

Always remember that while your teeth may seem to be strong, they are not tools and should not be used as such. Using your teeth to put force on bottles, packages or other items can cause your teeth to become fractured, to become chipped or to even break off large pieces.

Don't chew on ice

There are a lot of people who have a habit of chewing on ice. Ice is hard and can also cause your teeth to crack, fracture, chip or break. For these reasons, you should quit chewing on ice and any other thing that is hard like hard gum balls, or jaw breakers. 

Don't bite on your nails

Most people who bite on their nails tend to do it often. Biting on your nails regularly can cause a shift in your teeth. It can also cause splinters to get caught between your teeth and it transfers a lot of germs in your mouth meaning it becomes a health issue. Visit http://www.brooksidedentalgroup.com for more information on dental care.