2 Types Of Dentistry Services You May Need

10 May 2017
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The key to having the best dental health possible is by visiting your dentist on a routine basis. This can help your find and treat any issues you may have with your teeth. Of course, going to the dentist may not be the most fun thing for you to do, but is necessary if you want to have teeth that are healthy. However, you may be faced with dental issues at some stage in life and being aware of the standard dentistry services that are provided can be helpful to you.

Type #1: Dental fillings

One of the least invasive things your dentist can do to restore a tooth is by doing a dental filling. This will work to get rid of any decay with the use of a drill and requires the dentist to use the ideal material to restore the tooth.

This is typically a simple process and the less the decay, the easier and less costly it will be. Keep in mind the dentist will assign a number to your tooth that will vary from one to six, and this is known as the surface level. Teeth that have tiny decay will be evaluated as a number one.

Type #2: Dental crowns

Being faced with getting a crown is much more widespread than you may think. There are numerous reasons to get this kind of dental work done, such as teeth that are worn down or excessive decay.

The good news in most cases the tooth can be saved by putting a crown on it. You can usually expect to go to the dentist twice to have this process completed.

The first visit will allow the dentist to evaluate the tooth and remove any decay from it. The crown will be specially made for your tooth, and this means an impression will be made of it. This will then be sent to a dental lab to be done.

Finally,  you will go back to the dentist and have the finished crown placed on your tooth. It will be cemented, and if there are any adjustments necessary, these will be made at this time.

There are numerous benefits of caring for your teeth and being able to have good dental health during your lifetime is sure to be high on the list. Be sure to consult with a dentist, such as Guerschon de Laurent DDS, today to discuss any services you may need!