The Best Kind Of Braces For People With A Family History Of Periodontal Disease

22 August 2018
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For most people, preventing gum disease is as easy as flossing and brushing regularly and making sure to see their dentists for an exam and cleaning on time. However, if your family has a history of gum disease, it may mean that you're more inclined to even with good oral health maintenance. Unfortunately, oral health often takes a hit with traditional metal braces, simply because it's harder to keep them clean and requires more time and dedication. If you're worried that having your teeth straightened could lead to worse hygiene and, because of that, even more frequent battles with gum disease, there's good news in this article for you.

Metal Braces Aren't All There Is

It may be hard to believe, but removable, invisible braces really do offer similar correction to traditional metal braces. Both are excellent at correcting crookedness, overcrowding, an excess of space between teeth, and generally improve bite patterns. However, from that point, invisible braces really are the ones with the most advantages.

Keeping Healthy With Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are fully removable, which is key to keeping your oral health in better shape. Since you'll remove them whenever you care for your teeth, there won't be anything impeding you or otherwise preventing you from cleaning your teeth and gums thoroughly. Flossing, brushing, using a water flosser, or even an inter-dental brush between teeth can be complicated with traditional braces, but that's not an issue with removable ones.

Getting Invisible Braces

Getting set up for invisible braces is a lot like getting traditional braces. In some cases, a series of x-rays is taken of the mouth to build a model of your teeth, but most of the time, a simple mold is used. You simply hold a tray in your mouth that's very similar to having your teeth bleached or fluoride paste applied. After holding it for a set amount of time, it's pulled off the teeth and has the impression of the exact shape of your alignment. That's analyzed by a dentist, who builds a correction plan for you. Several pairs of invisible braces will be made, with each one designed to be worn for a set amount of time. Once your teeth have shifted into the new alignment, you'll switch to a new pair of invisible braces.

In this way, invisible braces are just as effective as traditional braces, if not more so. Traditional braces require frequent visits to the dentist's office to check for when it's time to further tighten the wires of the braces. With invisible braces, there's nothing taking up your time.

Invisible braces can give you the smile you're looking for with massive benefits, including the fact that you will be able to fully care for your gum health care routine. For more information, contact a dentist near you such as Dr. Peggy Alvarez-Penabad.