Take The Plunge: 4 Reasons To Get Your Dental Implants NOW

12 March 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


The thought of getting dental implants can be scary. You may not have had the best dental experiences throughout your life, and now it feels like you are being asked to trust your dentist with so much. If you or a loved one are on the fence about whether or not you want to go through the process of getting dental implants, here are a few reasons why it may be a good idea. 

Comfort. Instead of dental implants, some individuals choose to get dentures instead. However, dentures are not a cure-all. They are not always comfortable to wear, often becoming unstuck from the roof of one's mouth, and apply pressure in unwanted areas. Food can even become stuck between the denture and one's mouth. Dental implants may require surgery, but once they are done, it is as though an individual has their own teeth again. 

Better Speech. If someone is missing a tooth or several teeth, there can be severe effects on one's speech. This is due to the fact that many word pronunciations involve the tongue pressing directly against one's teeth in order to make a specific sound. If a tooth is missing, that sound may not be made to an understandable degree, affecting how one is heard by others. While these sounds may not come back immediately with dental implants, with practice, one's speech can be greatly improved. 

Improved Ability to Eat. Chewing food is another huge problem that comes from having missing teeth. This can lead to malnutrition since most fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods seem to have a bit of a crunch. While at first dental implants may require a softer diet, eventually they can be used just as other teeth since they will be strong and durable. This can allow individuals to regain food options they may have felt were lost to them in the past. 

Improved Body Image and Confidence. Potentially one of the biggest effects missing teeth has on individuals is how it makes someone feel about themselves. It can be embarrassing to see that most people have a full set of teeth while you are not so fortunate. Replacing teeth with dental implants has often been shown to improve one's body image and confidence. Many individuals with missing teeth try to avoid talking, eating out with friends, or putting themselves in vulnerable situations due to the fact that they fear they may be laughed at or rejected. Gain some of the confidence of your youth back by getting dental implants from a dentist like those at Orange Door Dental Group.