What Makes A Family Dentistry Practice Family-Oriented

27 July 2019
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Family dentistry services focus on the entire family as a unit and as needing dental services throughout the many stages of life. That is easy enough, but what else makes a family dentistry practice family-oriented? Here are all of the usual clues that your dentist might actually be a family dentist. 

The Dentists Are Thrilled to Make Appointments for Children as Young as Two

Usually, a pediatric dentist only has patients this young. If your dentist's office accepts patients as young as two years old, and is very excited and happy to provide care for these little ones, that is a sure sign you have a family dentist. Specialty consults provided for accidental damage to baby teeth may also be a sign. 

The Dentists See Adult Patients of All Ages

Whether you are 20 or 50, there seems to be a lot of different ages represented in your dentist's waiting room when you come in for an appointment. Everyone seems to have most of their own teeth, too, which means they are content to see the same dentist you do. Providing services to a wide age group and multiple generations is par for the course for general dentists and family dentists. 

There are Lots of Elderly Patients Too

When you begin to notice that not just older adults but senior citizens and elderly people are patients of your dental clinic, all the clues fall into place. Providing care for baby teeth, adult teeth, and providing dentures for those with no teeth all point to family dentist. It is a comforting sight to see so many people of all ages in a dental clinic of this sort because you know that you will be able to see this dentist all your life (or at least, until he/she retires). 

The Clinic Can Book Appointments for Everyone in the House on the Same Day

If your parents come to visit and one of them breaks a denture, you chip a tooth, and your kids need dental cleanings, you can probably schedule all of those appointments with the same dentist or dental clinic. That is the family-oriented dental clinic at its best. Everyone can be seen, regardless of age, and everyone can be seen on the same day if you schedule appointments far enough in advance. It is the most convenient sort of dental clinic with which to have a patient and doctor relationship.