Root Canal Coming Up? Common Questions You May Have

10 November 2020
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Root canals are a dental procedure used to repair and save a tooth that might otherwise have to be removed. A root canal can be intimidating, but it is also quite beneficial for your oral health.

Are you set to go in for a root canal soon? These are some of the questions you might have about the process.

Why Would You Need a Root Canal?

Sometimes the material inside your teeth can become infected or inflamed. Often, this stems from tooth decay. It can also stem from trauma and cracks in the tooth itself. Your tooth needs the pulp (everything inside) removed. The tooth will then be sealed to prevent further infection or inflammation.

You might realize you need a root canal based on symptoms you experience, including tooth sensitivity, tooth pain, and small bumps on the gums. Your gums might be swollen, indicating that you have an infection. Sometimes you can simply see the decay in your teeth.

Do Your Teeth Need Pulp?

Actually, your teeth can stay in place without all their insides, and you will not notice any change in function. The biggest difference is that your tooth may not experience sensitivity to temperature anymore.

Removing the pulp is much more important. If the pulp becomes infected, it can spread and lead to serious issues not only for your oral health but the entirety of your health. In some cases, an abscessed tooth can be quite painful and even dangerous.

Will It Hurt?

Actually, root canals are not necessarily more painful than other common dental procedures, like fillings. Additionally, a root canal procedure will relieve a lot of the dental pain you are already experiencing. It will also allow you to go back to the full function of your teeth for chewing and speaking, all without pain.

Generally, the root canal takes only one appointment. After the procedure is complete, you may take some time to recover. You should avoid chewing with the affected teeth at first, and you should allow yourself to heal until you feel no pain in the area. You may use an ice pack and over-the-counter medications during your recovery.

Speak With a Family Dentist

Your family dentist is sure to answer your remaining questions about your upcoming root canal procedure. If you are unsure about your need for a root canal, discuss your options with a professional dental service as soon as possible.