What Is A Family Dentist?

4 February 2021
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Dentists take care of their clients' teeth using a combination of preventative and restorative treatments. When you're looking for a dentist, consider choosing a family dentist. Family dentists are trained in general dentistry. Many of them also seek additional training to prepare them to help children and older adults. Here are four things that define a family dentist:

1. They serve clients of various ages

Family dentists are very similar to general dentists. However, the thing that sets them apart is their willingness to serve clients of various ages. As their title suggests, family dentists are able to serve your entire family. They can offer pediatric dental services to children, in addition to treating adults and senior citizens. Many people find seeing a family dentist incredibly convenient since kids, parents, and grandparents can all see the same dentist.

2. They offer general dental procedures

Family dentists offer all the routine dental procedures that you and your family will need. They can perform biannual teeth cleanings and exams. They can take annual x-rays and perform restorative work to treat cavities if required. Family dentists have the skills, training, and equipment required to offer excellent dental care.

3. They can refer clients to specialists

You'll be able to see your family dentist for most of your dental care needs. However, some situations may require the expertise of a specialist. Complicated root canals can sometimes require a referral to an endodontist, and it's common for family dentists to refer teenagers to an orthodontist for braces. Your family dentist can help you get the specialized care you need, no matter what dental problem you find yourself facing.

4. They can offer age-appropriate anxiety treatments

Some patients are particularly scared of visiting the dentist's office. A little bit of nervousness is normal, but extreme amounts of anxiety can make a dental appointment unnecessarily uncomfortable. Family dentists can offer patients a variety of age-appropriate anxiety treatments.

Drug-free treatments for dental anxiety can include things like weighted blankets, which many children find comforting. Holding a stuffed animal can also put children at ease during their appointments. Family dentists can also offer nitrous oxide, a safe anxiolytic gas that can be used on patients of all ages. Adults and seniors can take advantage of oral anxiety medication if they desire. Intravenous sedation is available for patients with severe anxiety or those who have to undergo extensive dental procedures.