3 Things You Need To Know About Dental Cleanings

4 May 2021
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There's more to taking care of your teeth and gums than brushing and flossing daily. You will also need to head to the dentist for regular dental cleanings to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Dental cleanings clean the areas that you may be missing with your daily oral hygiene routine. Regular cleanings also help prevent decay and gum disease from taking root. Here are three things that you need to know about dental cleanings.

They Help Keep Your Whole Body Healthy

Skipping dental cleanings can harm more than just your teeth and gums. There is a connection between your oral health and your overall health, and poor dental hygiene can lead to medical issues that you may not expect. Poor oral health can contribute to or worsen diseases and conditions like pneumonia and cardiovascular disease. Skipping out on your cleanings may be harming your body in many ways. This is why regular dental cleaning is essential. A healthy mouth contributes to a healthy body and vice versa.

They Help You Save Money

When it comes to dental expenses, preventative care is typically much less expensive than other kinds of dental procedures. The average dental cleaning costs around $100 without insurance. If you have dental insurance, dental cleanings are typically very low-cost or completely covered by your policy. Just a cavity filling alone will cost up to double what you would pay for a dental cleaning. More complex dental procedures can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, even with dental insurance. Regular cleanings can prevent the need for these procedures and save you a significant amount of money. 

They Keep Your Teeth White

Think about all of the things you eat and drink and how they impact your teeth. Coffee, wine, and other beverages and dishes can lead to surface staining that is difficult to remove with regular brushing and flossing. Dental cleanings are a fantastic way to remove these stains and to keep your smile bright. After you leave the dentist's office after a cleaning, you'll probably notice that your smile is a lot brighter. Regular cleanings can even prevent the need for whitening treatments.

There are numerous reasons why you should seek out a dental cleaning at least a couple of times per year. Your oral health impacts the rest of your body, and dental cleanings can help prevent certain conditions and diseases. Dental cleanings are also cost-effective since preventative dental care is less expensive. Regular cleanings will also keep your smile bright and remove surface stains.