Why You Don't Need To Fear Pain During A Tooth Extraction

17 June 2021
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The thought of having a tooth pulled can leave you putting off a tooth extraction appointment. While that is understandable, it isn't as painful as you might think. Although there is some minor pain involved in tooth extractions, your dentist will ensure that your tooth extraction is as painless as possible.

If you need a tooth extracted and are worried about the pain involved in the procedure, the following information should help to put your mind at ease.

Numbing gel is applied before the local anesthetic

If you don't like needles, then the thought of receiving an injection to numb your gums may leave you feeling anxious. But you needn't worry about that because dentists can apply a topical anesthesia to your gums before they inject the local anesthetic. Once they have rubbed the numbing gel onto your gum tissue, you won't be able to feel the needle as they inject the local anesthetic.

The local anesthetic ensures there will be no pain during the procedure

Dentists don't want their patients to feel pain because they need their patients to be as comfortable as possible to ensure a smooth and complication-free extraction. The local anesthetic ensures that you will feel no pain during an extraction. You will feel pressure as the tooth is removed but no pain.

The local anesthetic will last for several hours after the procedure

In general, the local anesthetic takes several hours to wear off once the surgery is complete. This is why you need to ensure you have a lift home after your surgery. And for several hours following your surgery, the local anesthetic will ensure that you feel no post-operation pain.

Some dentists will use a general anesthetic for complicated extractions

If you have moderate to severe anxiety about dental pain, don't worry. Your dentist may be able to offer you a general anesthetic, which will put you to sleep before the surgery begins. In general, dentists also use a general anesthetic if the tooth extraction is a complicated one. For instance, if a tooth is impacted or several teeth need extraction, then a general anesthetic may be necessary.

Your dentist will prescribe painkillers for the period after extraction

Your gum tissue in the area of the extracted tooth will be swollen and sore after the extraction, but if pain is an issue for you, your dentist can prescribe you with pain medication. This pain medication will keep post-surgery pain to a minimum as you recover from your tooth extraction.