The Benefits Of Choosing Dental Implants For Your Tooth Replacement

31 August 2021
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There are several options available to individuals who are in need of tooth replacement. Perhaps the most beneficial of these options is the use of dental implants. Continue reading to learn more about some of the many benefits that these implants can provide so that you can decide for yourself if the use of implants is right for your tooth replacement needs.

Dental Implants Offer Superior Strength

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of choosing dental implants for your tooth replacement needs is the superior strength that implants are able to provide. Unlike other tooth replacement options that sit on top of the gum line, dental implants are actually secured in your jawbone through a surgical procedure completed in your dentist's office. 

With the implant secured in the bone, implants are able to provide the same level of strength as a natural, healthy tooth. This not only makes it easier to consume the foods you love, but it can also help to boost your confidence levels as you never need to worry about your replacement tooth feeling loose when chewing or talking.

Implants Are Durable

Many tooth replacement options are only designed to last a few years before they will need to be replaced due to the changing landscape of your mouth and the wear and tear that is put on them. With the high cost of options, such as dentures, the need to replace these prosthetics over the years can become quite expensive, which makes the durable nature of implants so beneficial. In most cases, a dental implant can be expected to last the lifetime of the patient. However, while the implant itself is unlikely to require replacement, it is important to note that some people may need to replace the dental crown that is used to cover the implant if it becomes damaged. 

Dental Implants Are Natural Looking And Feeling

One of the reasons why many people shy away from tooth replacement options, such as dentures, is that they simply do not look or feel like natural teeth. This is not a problem with dental implants. Since implants are structured like natural teeth and make use of dental crowns that are fashioned to perfectly mimic the size and shape of the tooth they are replacing, there truly is no tooth replacement option that is more natural in appearance and feeling than dental implants. 

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