3 Unfounded Myths About Dental Implants You Should Never Believe

25 March 2022
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If you have dental gaps, you probably think about replacing them but are unsure which replacement method will be best for you. While there are various options for teeth replacement solutions, some are more beneficial than others. But several myths surrounding implants can make you nervous and unsure about that popular option. You may even question whether you are making the right decision. Fortunately, this article debunks three common myths about dental implants.

1. Everyone Will Notice You Have Implants

Many dental patients imagine how the implants will be so conspicuous for everyone to see. They believe that everyone will notice their artificial tooth or teeth after the procedure. But the truth is that, unlike dentures, dental implants resemble real teeth and are not easy to notice.

Specialists use a special screw and surgically place it under the gum into the jawbone. These screws help hold the implants in position. Also, the experts use high-quality materials to design artificial teeth. That makes them look like the other teeth and helps improve your smile without anyone suspecting they are not your natural teeth.

2. Only Those With Perfect Teeth Can Undergo Implant Surgery

People who need dental implants need them because they have issues with their teeth. So, your dentist does not expect you to have a perfect set of teeth when going for the procedure, but a healthy jaw bone is important. That is why your dentist will need to check the state of your jaw before they can install dental implants.

If you have a weak jaw, it will not have enough support to hold the implant. So, if the tests reveal that you have a weak jaw, your dentist will recommend bone grafting or other solution for your missing teeth. Therefore, it is not true that all other teeth must be perfect to qualify for the implant.

3. Implant Surgery Procedure Is Painful

Most patients shy away from dental health care for fear of experiencing pain. But it is important to know that professional dentists use anesthesia to calm the nerves and allow a painless treatment. So there is no need to hold back your smile because you think the process of getting dental implants is painful.

Dental implants are effective, strong, permanent, and stable. Once you undergo the installation surgery, the implants will correct your teeth and enhance your smile. Also, implants offer an effective way to improve your self-esteem since you will not be afraid to talk or smile because teeth look good.