Why Does It Take Longer To Get Dental Implants Than Other Replacement Methods?

4 May 2023
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If you're looking into having one or more teeth replaced, chances are you've heard that dental implants are one of your options. However, you may have also discovered that dental implants can take more time to get fully set up in comparison to things like dentures and bridges. If you're wondering why this is and if it's still worth it to get dental implants, then here's what you should know. Read More 

Three Devices Used During Orthodontics Treatment

31 March 2023
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When you think about orthodontics treatment, braces are one of the first things that come to mind. While these are one of the most popular orthodontic devices, your dentist can offer other options. The exact device your dentist uses varies based on your condition and the outcome they are trying to achieve. Here are a few appliances and tools they may use.   1. Spacers Many assume braces are the first and only step once you begin your orthodontic journey. Read More 

The Top Restorative Dentistry Options: Dental Implants And More

23 February 2023
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What are the top restorative dentistry procedures? Whether you have missing teeth, cracks, chips, or another similar issue, dental implants and other restorative options can help. If you're not sure whether or not you need dental implants or which option is the best choice for your dental needs, take a look at the top questions about restorative dental providers and how they can help to change your smile. Are Restorative and General Dentistry the Same? Read More 

Are Acrylic Veneers Worth The Cost-Cutting Benefit?

16 January 2023
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Many dentists offer porcelain veneers for your teeth. Some will offer acrylic veneers, which will be less expensive. When it comes to dental veneers for your teeth, you get what you pay for. Although you may save money upfront with acrylic veneers, your choice may end up costing too much in other ways. Dental Veneers Veneers are shaped to your requirements, color-matched so they blend in with the rest of your teeth, and are then cemented onto the outward-facing surface of the tooth (or teeth) in question. Read More 

Tooth Extraction Before Dental Implant: Will You Need A Temporary False Tooth?

7 December 2022
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Dental implant treatment may involve the extraction of the tooth that is to be replaced. If, after a thorough assessment, it's determined that the tooth cannot be restored, extraction will be performed, and dental implant surgery scheduled. This is in your best interests, since the implant in your jaw and the prosthetic tooth attached to it will have the functionality and look of a natural tooth, and you'll want it in place as soon as possible. Read More