Dry Mouth? New Study Shows You May Need To Control It Differently

2 December 2014
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If you have suddenly started developing more cavities than you used to, then look into any medications you may have recently started that can cause dry mouth. Smoking can also contribute to a dry mouth. While a dry mouth has always been believed to be bad for your teeth, as saliva plays an important role in protecting them, a new study shows that a specific protein in saliva protects teeth even more than ever realized. Read More 

What To Do When Your Child Cracks A Tooth

1 December 2014
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If you have a young child, then you know that accidents can and will happen on occasion. Sports activities and general falls are two common causes of injuries. Sometimes, injuries can occur to the teeth. If a dental accident involves one of the permanent or adult teeth, then you need to work quickly to seek out the assistance of an emergency dentist. If a tooth crack is evident, then there are several things you should do before you get to the dental office to make sure that your child is calm and dental treatments are successful. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Thumb Sucking And Your Child’s Teeth

25 November 2014
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Children suck their thumbs, fingers or pacifiers from the early stages of infancy. Many even begin sucking their thumbs in the womb—it's a natural and healthy reflex during a child's first years. It's soothing and helps children fall asleep and comfort themselves when they're upset. But prolonged thumb sucking, especially after permanent teeth erupt, can cause serious oral problems for your child. If you're concerned about these behaviors in your child, read on to learn more about what causes thumb sucking behavior and what you can do to help your child stop. Read More 

Eight Holiday Treats That Could Be A Recipe For Dental Disaster

24 November 2014
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The holiday season is a time to rejoice with family, friends and comfort food. Although traditional holiday foods (and beverages) may be comforting to the soul, many produce negative effects on the teeth. From a dental standpoint, there may be a good reason to just say no to fruitcake, eggnog, popcorn and candied yams. Should you also omit the almonds and walnuts from your favorite dessert recipe? 'Tis the Season to Be Kind to Your Teeth Read More 

Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out, But You’re Pregnant. Is It Safe For Your Unborn Child?

12 November 2014
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Your dentist has just told you that you have an impacted wisdom tooth that needs to be extracted. However, you also just found out that you are pregnant. Although most dentists prefer to postpone major dental work until after the baby's birth, sometimes the pain and chance of infection makes postponement difficult. The pain, stress and risk of infection are not good for you or your baby's health. Although tooth extraction is relatively safe, be sure to inform your dentist or dental surgeon of your pregnancy so he or she can take certain precautions. Read More