Professional Teeth Whitening Services: 3 Reasons To Use Custom Fitting Trays

15 November 2016
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Most Americans would agree the whiter the smile, the more attractive it is. Having a bright, white smile is so important to Americans that professional teeth whitening services have become one of the most highly sought after cosmetic dental treatments, with the teeth whitening industry worth over $2 billion. If you and your family would all appreciate having bright, white smiles, then you should make teeth whitening a family event with your family dentist. You'll probably get a better deal if everyone is getting their teeth professionally whitened at the same time. You'll be able to choose between standard fitting trays and custom fitting trays that follow the shape and size of each individual tooth. Here are 3 reasons as to why you should consider getting the latter despite its higher cost.

Lower Risk of Gingival Irritation

Standard fitting trays will not fit onto your teeth as perfectly as you'd like. There will be areas that simply stick out a little too much or areas that don't cover the entire surface of your teeth properly. When this happens, you run the risk of exposing your gum tissues to the teeth whitening gel. This gel contains bleaching agents that are used to lift stains from the surfaces of your teeth. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals will result in gingival or gum irritation, which basically feels similar to a sunburn. Your gums will feel painful to the touch, and some of the tissues will even eventually flake off. It'll take about 24 hours for your gums to heal and return to normal.

With custom fitting trays, the fitting trays will have edges and other types of mechanisms that are designed to provide a snug fit to each tooth. This prevents any of the bleaching gel from leaking out of the trays and coming into contact with your gums. The mouth guards that are fitted over the gums for protection will also fit in a more perfect manner as well.

Better Whitening Results Due to Even Peroxide Application

Have you ever noticed that some people get spotted results even after getting their teeth professionally whitened? Some areas of the tooth simply whiten more quickly than others, and as a result, some people don't get uniform results. This problem is more pronounced and prevalent amongst those who choose to use standard fitting trays. The bleaching gel will pool into certain nooks and crannies of the fitting trays, and will cause some areas to whiten more quickly than others. This will give you poor results.

Have each member of your family get custom fitting trays from the family dentist. Generally speaking, if the dentist has already previously taken an impression of your teeth for braces and for other purposes, they'll already have a good idea as to how the custom fitting trays should look like to prevent the bleaching gel from pooling in areas that it shouldn't. Your family dentist can keep track of your previous natural teeth color and shade and compare it with the final results to determine how effective the professional teeth whitening treatment was.

Higher Comfort During the Treatment

Another important reason as to why you should have everyone in your family get custom fitting trays is due to the fact that custom fitting trays tend to be more comfortable. They fit better on your teeth and won't apply unnecessary pressure or strain on other areas. A professional teeth whitening treatment can take several sessions to complete, and you can expect yourself to be sitting in the dental chair for some time while your teeth get whitened. You definitely want to make sure that the trays are comfortable, so that the time you spend in the dental clinic won't feel absolutely horrendous.

Custom fitting trays are also great for teenagers or young adults who are getting their teeth whitened. Their impatient behavior may make the waiting process feel like forever. If the trays are uncomfortable, you'll have to deal with their whining while you're getting your teeth whitened beside them.


If the whole family is interested in looking picture perfect and want to get their teeth whitened, speak to your family dentist about the possibility of getting everyone's teeth whitened at the same time. This will save you a lot of time from having to wait at the clinic while someone else gets their teeth whitened. To learn more, visit a dental clinic like All About Smiles.