3 Consequences of Poor Dental Care & Not Getting Teeth Cleanings

10 May 2017
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Some people think of getting their teeth cleaned as a routine form of dental care, and some people overlook its importance. Perhaps you have found yourself tempted to skip teeth cleaning appointments. You may have even gone to yours at a later date than scheduled. The following are a few reasons that teeth cleaning is important and potential consequences of not getting yours cleaned.

Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Plaque is a sticky film that is filled with bacteria that can harm teeth. You likely remove a significant amount of plaque from your teeth when you brush them. However, it is possible for some of this sticky substance to remain on teeth and harden. Hardened plaque is referred to as tartar, and it is usually not possible for most people to remove tartar from their teeth.This is why dental teeth cleanings are needed. Otherwise, the hard substance can remain on teeth and appear unsightly. Eventually, it can lead to tooth decay.

Missed Diagnoses

A number of underlying issues can go undetected when teeth cleanings and dental exams are not performed. For example, a person's wisdom teeth could put them at risk for teeth crowding. It is also possible for decaying teeth that are at the back of the mouth to be overlooked when performing your own home dental care.

Decaying teeth are a risk because there are several ways to keep them from needing to be extracted. Dental crowns and fillings are usual treatments. However, decaying teeth that are not treated can lead to teeth needing to be extracted. This can also lead to more aggressive treatments such as root canals being needed to salvage teeth.

Gum Disease Risk

Gum disease starts as gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums. Skipping flossing, brushing and professional teeth cleanings can all lead to gingivitis. Some people may not be aware that they are at risk for gum disease. Teeth cleanings and exams can expose potential risks and dental treatments can be ordered.

Sometimes gum disease is irreversible. In its advanced stages, individuals may teeth that fall out. There are also potential health risks that can be life threatening. For example, abscessed teeth from improper dental care can put individuals at risk for infections entering their bloodstreams. 

A dentist is a good resource to use to learn more reasons that teeth cleaning is important. They can also advise you on the proper way to take care of your teeth between scheduled appointments. Learn more by contacting resources like Robert J Bauder DMD.